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Create the environment for these conversations

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 26, 2018

We have an Education Committee Hearing scheduled for this Friday at 10:00; the subject is school safety.  I was asked about the hearing today by a newspaper and said that this will be helpful in gathering information, but no legislation … Read more>

A very interesting question

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 25, 2018

We finished out the last day of the Jaffa Sports Show.  I never heard any official attendance numbers, but my guess is average or a little better than average for the weekend.  The number one issue today was gun control/school … Read more>

I enjoyed the conversations

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 24, 2018

Another day at the Jaffa Sports Show and another good crowd.  The rain may have helped the attendance; who knows?  We heard more about the map again today than anything else.  I’m impressed that so many people are aware of … Read more>

Look forward to seeing many more people

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 23, 2018

The first step in the map challenge is to have the federal court assign a panel of three judges to hear the case and that was done today.  I don’t have any information about when the case will be heard … Read more>

Another day of budget hearings

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 22, 2018

Top brass from the Pennsylvania State Police testify Thursday afternoon during Budget Hearings with the Senate Appropriations Committee.

On the map, the legislature, along with 8 Congressman, filed a challenge today in the federal court.  There has not been any … Read more>

Surprised to see their lack of planning

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 21, 2018

The Pro Tem and Speaker, today, filed for an emergency stay in the redistricting matter with the U.S. Supreme Court.  They are asking for the map drawn by the State Supreme Court to not be implemented until a decision can … Read more>

Discussion on the issues

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 20, 2018

The Appropriations Committee hearings on the budget started today in the Senate and the House.  The tradition in the Senate is to allow the chair of the oversight committee to lead the questioning on the subjects that fall under his … Read more>

Confusion for everyone involved

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 19, 2018

The Congressional redistricting map was issued this afternoon from the state Supreme Court.  The map has more municipal and precinct splits than the Republican map with one less county split.  The people who determine how a district leans (Republican or … Read more>

What crime will this DA personally decide not to prosecute tomorrow?

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 18, 2018

There were stories about the map situation in the papers today, but nothing new.  The only other thing of interest I noticed was a story on TribLive about the Philadelphia District Attorney.  Last week he dropped all charges on people … Read more>

Oakley will be very excited

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 17, 2018

I was out all day talking with people, and practically everyone asked about the map situation.  It was interesting to me how much the public is following this issue, of particular interest were the people from Franklin County I was … Read more>