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Keep apprised as these issues develop

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 11, 2018

When I did my every other Wednesday morning NewsTalk 103.7 appearance, I was asked about several interesting topics including what happens in PA after the Janus decision.  I had a conference call scheduled for a little later this morning, 9:30, … Read more>

We hit quite a variety of topics

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 10, 2018

Our town hall meeting tonight was to be held at a pavilion, but the rain came hard about 20 minutes before we were to start.  We moved inside and things worked out just fine.  We had a nice group of … Read more>

My schedule is heating up

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 9, 2018

Another gorgeous day; I didn’t have a commitment this evening, so I got to enjoy the weather as I completed a project at home.  This is the only free night I have this week and Charlotte is working evenings every … Read more>

Raise the costs of government

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 8, 2018

Not much in the papers again this Sunday.  There is plenty to write about, but the media likes to cover subjects that primarily fit their liberal agenda and then there’s the fact that often they just don’t understand what’s going … Read more>

Don’t hear these people clamoring for that

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 7, 2018

What a beautiful day, bright sunshine, low humidity, and not too hot.  I got mowing done after Johnny left this morning.  It’s always tough to see him go.  We had a good time and he was able to see a … Read more>

A long weekend that started on Wednesday

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 6, 2018

I learned that a lot of people weren’t in today, both at Government offices and in the private sector.  I needed a budget number to respond to a news reporter, and couldn’t get anyone who knew what it was.  It’s … Read more>

That perspective is magnificent

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 5, 2018

I got to do something this afternoon I always wanted to do: take a tour of the dome at the capitol.  Charlotte, Johnny and I enjoyed and appreciated this privilege.  It rained as we were up there and since we … Read more>

We all got stuffed

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!  I hope everyone had time with family and friends and expressed thanks for the wonderful country we cherish.  We had a house full most of the day.  Everyone was particularly glad to spend some time with Johnny … Read more>

He’s a handful, but a lot of fun

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 3, 2018

We got through today with no rain, at least in Blair County.  Hope we have good weather tomorrow; Johnny’s getting home very late tonight and will be with us until Saturday.  I had meetings in the Hollidaysburg office all morning.  … Read more>

A bunch of them are doing well inspections

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 2, 2018

We got a couple of interesting reports today.  The Governor’s Budget Office said that his minimum wage edict will cost the state just under a million dollars to increase employee wages this fiscal year.  This doesn’t count any impact on … Read more>