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The Governor should know better

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 27, 2017

We had our second and final 2017 A.B. Ross Leadership Program today at B & D Farm in Warriors Mark.  Keeping with the theme of additional income opportunities in agriculture, we toured a dairy farm this afternoon that also had … Read more>

There would be unanimous support

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 26, 2017

My bill to set priorities in funding for family planning services passed the Senate Finance Committee this morning.  The meeting room was packed with Planned Parenthood advocates, who required the Senate Security’s attention from time to time.  The provisions of … Read more>

It’s their biggest conference to date, with about 4,000 attendees!

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 25, 2017

The Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast went well this morning.  Thanks to my 11 friends from Blair and Huntingdon Counties who made the trip.  Later this morning we had a hearing on the proposal to enter into a leaseback agreement on the … Read more>

If anyone is interested in coming next year, please let me know

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 24, 2017

I was honored this morning to receive the Founder’s Award from the PA State Assoc. of Twp. Supervisors (PSATS).  This is their highest recognition and is presented at their annual conference.  I have worked closely with this organization over my … Read more>

Surprise, surprise, none bothered to check

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 23, 2017

Most of the stories today were on the Mike Stack situation.  There were a few over the past couple of days on the Education Committee meeting last week where we passed the bill which would clarify the law on school … Read more>

Thank you to the veterans and the auxiliary

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 22, 2017

This morning I participated in the 3rd Annual Yellow Umbrella Prayer Walk sponsored by ELM (Every Life Matters) in Tyrone.  This crises pregnancy center just purchased a building in Tyrone and opened an office in Houtzdale.  They have continued to … Read more>

I didn’t think much would happen with this story when it first broke

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 21, 2017

The big news out of Harrisburg today was a three-sentence letter from Governor Tom Wolf hand-delivered to Lt. Governor Mike Stack.  The letter said that the State Police security detail was being removed from the Lt. Governor and his wife … Read more>

A safe haven for students

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 20, 2017

I spent the day in Philadelphia visiting with the folks at Mastery Shoemaker Charter School.  This school building, when operated as a traditional government school, had the second worst crime record of any junior high school in America.  The charter … Read more>

Thanks for addressing important issues regarding our schools

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 19, 2017

We got five bills through the Education Committee this morning.  These bills address various issues including: prohibiting universities that deem themselves to be “sanctuary campuses” from getting state money, clarifying that school districts can allow employees to carry a weapon … Read more>

Obviously, their arguments weren’t very persuasive in the Senate

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 18, 2017

We had a joint hearing this morning concerning how seniors would be treated, financially and otherwise, if the Dept. of Aging is combined with three other departments.  The more information we have about this issue, the better.  The Senate unanimously … Read more>