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When we hit the caucus room

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 25, 2017

After I posted my blog last night I received notice that the Senate will be back in session on Wednesday at 3:00 and Thursday at 11:00.  I haven’t heard any updates on what we will do, but the discussions when … Read more>

Get a handle on the time frame

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 24, 2017

We got word his afternoon that we would not return to session tomorrow, maybe Wednesday.  There was no further news on how things are progressing and no news reports that I saw about any public statements today.  I apologize for … Read more>

Unnecessary and very expensive

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 23, 2017

The papers were full of budget stories today, explaining what happened with the House yesterday.  We received word that the Senate will not be going in tomorrow, possibly Tuesday evening, but there will be more discussion before we return to … Read more>

A different plan on our own

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 22, 2017

This morning I attended the Franklin County Junior Firefighter Academy Graduation Ceremony near Chambersburg.  They had a packed building and a great keynote speaker, Tonya Hoover, a Shippensburg native who has risen through the ranks of the Fire and emergency … Read more>

The antithesis of what the citizens deserve

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 21, 2017

Outside of a communique from leadership that we should expect to be in soon, pending how things progress with the House over the weekend, there was nothing new on the budget.  I got to two ribbon cuttings in Huntingdon County … Read more>

A limited constitutional state convention

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 20, 2017

As I mentioned previously, I expected the House to return to consider the Speaker’s budget proposal soon and I heard today that they are being called back on Saturday and Sunday.  The rumor is the Senate will return on Monday.  … Read more>

They affect all of us in PA

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 19, 2017

No news on the budget today, at least from the Senate.  I talked to a few House members earlier this afternoon and at that time they hadn’t heard anything either.  I’m not surprised, but if the House isn’t going back … Read more>

Surviving 100 years in a demanding business

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 18, 2017

We were sent home today after further talks between the House and Senate leadership, specifically the Pro Tem and Speaker.  There is a new revenue plan by the Speaker and time is needed to see if it would be supported … Read more>

Getting out when they can

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 17, 2017

The Senate is back in session.  We did some executive nominations today on the floor, had a Rules Committee meeting, and, most importantly, had a long caucus meeting to discuss where the budget talks are at present.  Leadership from the … Read more>

A classic example of wasted public dollars

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 16, 2017

There were a few budget-related stories in the papers today, but there was no new info, just recap and speculation.  I saw a Philly Inquirer story on the PASSHE study that was announced last week.  Although the details are not … Read more>