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We had a good and wide-ranging discussion

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 25, 2017

I left early this morning for a PHEAA Board meeting.  A motion was approved to support allowing grants to students taking online courses.  The board has been dabbling in this through a pilot program, but was reluctant to open it … Read more>

It continues to be a very busy time for our Committee

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 24, 2017

We did a “gut and replace” on a House gaming bill today.  The gaming expansion is expected to generate over $100 million in revenue for the state.  The House worked with the Senate on the new language, so it should … Read more>

There will be opposition to this bill

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 23, 2017

All three bills on our agenda for the Education Committee this morning were passed unanimously.  It’s nice to work on a bi-partisan basis through most of the issues we’re addressing.  As we get closer to June 30, more issues come … Read more>

Dictate our state’s future education policy unilaterally

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 22, 2017

We’re back in session today and had a capitol building full of visitors.  I was able to attend part of a Judiciary Committee hearing on mandatory minimum sentences this morning, but had appointments set up in my office and promised … Read more>

They totaled about a million dollars

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 21, 2017

Another cool day that doesn’t require air conditioning and nothing new about the Commonwealth from newspapers around the state.  Last week there were a number of stories about how the Democratic National Convention’s host committee gave bonuses to their staff … Read more>

I take the blame for the temperature decrease

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 20, 2017

I hope everyone had an opportunity to honor past and present members of our military on this Armed Forces Day 2017.  Along with Representatives McGinnis and Ward, I attended a service today in Altoona and was honored to play taps … Read more>

My constituents were promised access and information at these meetings

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 19, 2017

We learned today that, as I suspected, many of the Planned Parenthood activists that attended my town hall meeting were not from the 30th Senatorial District.  In fact, they came from as far away as Pittsburgh to disrupt our meeting.  … Read more>

That’s also part of the training

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 18, 2017

I had a town hall in Martinsburg this evening and it went pretty well.  There was a large group of local residents joined by Planned Parenthood advocates and PSEA members.  Since we changed the format several meetings ago to take … Read more>

It’s too bad that some people act that way

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 17, 2017

The turnout yesterday was, unfortunately, what I expected: low.  Maybe we’ll do better in the Fall.  I was at a Blair Chamber event early this morning, then greeted the Keystone Contractor’s Assoc. (they were in Altoona today), held a conference … Read more>

This could be “Bonusgate II”

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 16, 2017

The Senate offices were closed for Election Day; I hope everyone got to the polls.  Arguably, today’s election has a much greater impact on our lives than the state and federal offices on the ballot next year.  Unfortunately, there isn’t … Read more>