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What their children are going through

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 18, 2018

The Senate Education Committee had a Hearing this afternoon on school strikes.  Pennsylvania is one of only 13 states that allows teachers to strike.  The first witnesses were from the Dallas Area School District in northeastern PA.  They are in … Read more>

We’ll start over tomorrow

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 17, 2018

Happy Tax Day!  I hope everyone got their returns in on time.  Charlotte and I got ours all taken care of on Saturday.  We had a lot of bills on the calendar today and a lot of people in the … Read more>

“Penn Pals” across the pond

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 16, 2018

Our Task Force Meeting on Reassessment went well this morning.  We reviewed a document that would provide guidelines to counties for a uniform and correct reassessment process.  There were many hours spent on this effort from various stakeholders and the … Read more>

We’ll be waking up to snow

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 15, 2018

There really wasn’t much in the papers today, a lot of stories about the gubernatorial campaign, and little else.  I got office work done after church and went back later in the afternoon to hit it again.  We’re back in … Read more>

Always have fond memories

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 14, 2018

Happy first day of trout season.  I don’t get to fish much anymore, but I don’t remember a first day being this warm.  The truck said it was 84 this afternoon, wow!  I got to my men’s fellowship group this … Read more>

Defeat their misguided efforts

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 13, 2018

It finally heated up today; the temperature, according to the truck, got to 81.  It was great!  I got a lot of odds and ends done today because I had a lighter agenda than usual.  I spent most of the … Read more>

Very polite and attentive

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 12, 2018

We had our final day of the A.B. Ross Leadership Program today at Greenwood Furnace State Park, with a field trip to Rothrock State Forest.  It was the largest group of kids in one day we’ve ever had, over 80.  … Read more>

Done so myself

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 11, 2018

I was at the Fulton County Medical Center today for a ceremony to raise the flag for eye, tissue and organ donation.  They had CORE conduct the service and had several speakers including a young mother from the Pittsburgh area … Read more>

I’ll try

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 10, 2018

I was at the Capitol for a number of things today including receiving an award from the PA Dental Association.  They named me as their Outstanding Legislator of the Year.  I am very appreciative of the honor.  I went over … Read more>

That’s really something

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 9, 2018

How about this snow?!?  I was at the Somerset High School this morning at 8:30 and drove through snow from Cambria County on.  On my way home throughout my evening trip to Fulton County, I was still driving through snow, … Read more>