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She liked them

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 22, 2017

I toured the Center for Child Justice in Altoona this morning along with Representatives McGinnis and Ward.  It’s easy to see the advantages of having a facility like this to handle children who have been sexually abused.  The process is … Read more>

Everyone seemed to have a good time

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 21, 2017

I was in Harrisburg today for several meetings starting with a board meeting at PHEAA, then to the Capitol for a couple of local government meetings, including a Local Government Commission Task Force on Reassessment meeting.  We expect to have … Read more>

Still what’s important

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 20, 2017

As predicted, the Senate voted 43 to 7 this afternoon to nonconcur on the House’s amendment to the Fiscal Code; I was one of the 7.  Some people didn’t like cuts from some of the special fund lines, some people … Read more>

I appreciate their hospitality

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 19, 2017

We have the Fiscal Code, as amended by the House, scheduled for a vote tomorrow.  The motion will be to nonconcur.  This will enable the House to place the bill into a conference committee.  As I said before, a number … Read more>

Working with the House and Governor

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 18, 2017

I wasn’t sure how the reception of the House’s budget proposal would be received in the Senate.  My perception today is that there are not the votes to concur.  However, I think there are lines in the House budget that … Read more>

I was honored to attend

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 17, 2017

Not much in the papers today, at least regarding state government.  We’re back in session tomorrow; maybe they’re waiting to see what happens then.  I attended Don Devoriss’ funeral this morning in Altoona.  There was a large turnout for the … Read more>

The weather was great for the outside events

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 16, 2017

I had a busy and interesting schedule the past couple of days.  Among other things, I spoke at Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital’s Annual Rehab Award Ceremony.  They honored five patients that had substantial or complete recovery from severe immobilizing injuries or … Read more>

The private sector would have done

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 15, 2017

The Governor has been saying for days that he was implementing a “freeze” today on government spending if the budget wasn’t finished.  He did something else, he started a policy to delay paying bills until enough funds are in the … Read more>

Binds the state for years to come

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 14, 2017

In addition to the budget, which got a lot of press today, there are many, many other issues that are being worked on by the legislature and the administration.  By Monday, the state has to submit a new education plan … Read more>

$600 million is a substantial sum

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 13, 2017

This evening the House passed the Taxpayer’s Budget plan, as revised through yesterday and today’s negotiations.  The total revenue transfer from existing accounts is in the neighborhood of $600 million.  It was passed on a party line vote with 15 … Read more>