Fix this part of the education system

Article posted on September 13, 2018

I was up early this morning to get to Harrisburg for an 8:30 State Board of Education meeting.  Actually, there are two board meetings starting with the Vo-Tech meeting, which was a little longer than usual.  The Dept. of Ed. had a lengthy report about information they are tracking including math and English grades for vo-tech students and new federal requirements.  I asked a number of questions including one about enrollment.  State-wide, the number of students has gone up slightly, which is better than a decline, but it doesn’t begin to reach the level needed to fill the openings for skilled jobs in our workforce.  The Workforce Investment Boards, or WIB’s, are supposed to be involved in their local vo-techs to help direct curriculum, secure job placements, etc.  I don’t see enough evidence of this involvement across the Commonwealth, however.  A larger factor is the lack of cooperation with vo-techs from high schools.  There is much more work needed to fix this part of the education system.


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