Sadly mistaken

Article posted on June 12, 2018

At the Education Committee Meeting this morning we passed a bill of mine that would require the score that is calculated for each government school in PA, to be accessible on the PA Dept. of Ed’s website and a link posted on the home page of each school district’s website to that page.  Parents and taxpayers deserve to see how their school is performing and should not have to wade through a confusing assortment of information to find out.  This transparency is part of an effort to introduce more accountability into the system.  We spent most of the afternoon fighting over floor amendments to SB 22, the redistricting bill.  This bill is for a constitutional amendment that would change the process of how the state and federal legislative maps are drawn.  The bill was amended to include something I have pushed for since my early days of political involvement: electing appellate court judges by region.  Historically, most of the judges are from the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas.  The rural parts of the state have had little representation and most voters don’t know who the candidates are or much about them.  Having a smaller district ensures that a judge from that region will be elected and that he or she will be campaigning in that area, which means access to them and their better knowledge of those local issues and concerns.  The Democrats didn’t like this change, nor did any of the left wing groups that were pushing redistricting reform.  It proves that those groups were interested in looking only at the Republican-controlled legislature, and didn’t want any reform to the Democrat-controlled judiciary.  Anyone who thought they were all about good government policy is sadly mistaken.


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