How far out of the mainstream is he?

Article posted on June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day!  I hope everyone had time with their dads today if their father was still with them.  Johnny called this afternoon since he wasn’t able to be home; we covered a lot of ground on the phone from politics to business to our new mailbox.  Charlotte and I celebrated the holiday with steak on the grill, my choice.  The Sunday papers were still complaining about the cartoonist from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette who was fired last week, he says for beating up on Trump.  My question is, how many cartoonists were fired for not beating up on Trump enough?  More importantly, why would the newspapers defend an employee of any business who doesn’t do what their boss instructs them to do?  And worse, goes out and criticizes the business because he doesn’t agree with their management decisions.  This happens everyday in the corporate world, but in the newspaper industry, if you’re not a liberal, your decisions are obviously wrong and the entire industry descends on you publicly.  Cartoonists are part of the editorial staff and reflect the opinion of the paper.  If this guy’s opinions were too far to the left for a paper that already is too far to the left, how far out of the mainstream is he? 


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