Two, actually

Article posted on March 3, 2018

I was out all day at events starting with my men’s fellowship group at 7:00.  I was asked a few weeks ago to participate in a fundraiser, which was held today, for two local Christian nonprofits: Through, Inc. of East Freedom and The Door of Bellwood.  I agreed to help because I have so much respect for these programs.  After I readily agreed, I found out what my role was at the event: to get hit with pies.  They had the directors of the two organizations, a Township Supervisor, two men associated with the groups, and myself lined up for all comers to pay for the privilege of hitting us in the face with whipped cream pies.  A couple of the participants were a little over enthusiastic and really got their money’s worth.  But, it was all for a good cause; two, actually.


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