Not used to its maximum potential

Article posted on March 2, 2018

The Senate Education Committee’s hearing on school safety and security went well today.  We had testimony from Senator Mike Regan, who is a former U.S. Marshal; the Dept. of Ed’s Office of Safe Schools; the State Police; the School Superintendents Assoc.; a criminology professor from St. Vincent College; and Standing Stone Consulting, a school safety consulting firm.  One common theme today was that schools should not spend money on security measures without having a vulnerability assessment done by a professional.  The State Police have a program called RVAT (Risk Vulnerability Assessment Team).  It sounds like a good thing for schools and has been utilized by schools 97 times since January 2016.  The problem is that there are over 6,000 school buildings in PA.  Few have hired private companies to do an assessment and few have hired anyone to look at their new construction plans as they pertain to security.  It looks like a lot of money has been wasted or at least not used to its maximum potential.


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