WATCH: Support for Crime Victims

Article posted on March 22, 2018

HARRISBURG (March 22, 2018) – State Senator John H. Eichelberger Jr., (R-Blair), Wednesday voted in favor of a package of bills strengthening protections for victims of crime and ensuring that victims and their families are treated with respect and dignity by the criminal justice system.

CLICK HERE to watch comments offered by Senator Eichelberger following the vote.

Six of the bills would strengthen and reform Pennsylvania’s domestic violence laws, offer greater protections to victims of domestic violence and their children, and hold abusers accountable.  Another measure, known as Marsy’s Law, would establish a crime victims’ bill of rights in the Pennsylvania Constitution to protect and expand the rights of victims of violent crime.

Senate Bill 313 makes it easier for domestic violence victims with to remove the name of an abuser from a shared telephone plan. (Sponsored by Sen. Lisa Boscola, D-18)

Senate Bill 449 allows Magisterial District Judges to use a risk assessment tool when determining bail in domestic violence cases. (Tierne’s Law) (Sponsored by Sen. Camera Bartolotta, R-46)

Senate Bill 500 ensures that law enforcement protection is available to a victim before or while PFA orders are being served. (Sponsored by Sen. Randy Vulakovich, R-38)

Senate Bill 501 removes third-party safekeeping as an option for a domestic violence defendant ordered by the court to relinquish firearms. (Sponsored by Sen. Tom Killion, R-9)

Senate Bill 502 makes it easier for the court to extend a PFA order when an abuser is released from custody. (Sponsored by Sen. Tom McGarrigle, R-26)

Senate Bill 919 allows domestic violence victims who live in public housing to be relocated to another unit. (Sponsored by Sen. Art Haywood, D-4)

Senate Bill 1011 amends the state Constitution to creating a crime victims’ “Bill of Rights.” (Marsy’s Law) (Sponsored by Sen. Guy Reschenthaler, R-37)

Senate Bill 449 now goes to the Governor for his signature and enactment into law. The other six bills were sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.


Please contact Patrick Schurr, Executive Assistant, at 1-866-509-EICH(3424) or email for additional information.


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