Sounds like the same arguments

Article posted on February 4, 2018

There were a number of stories about the redistricting case in the papers today, but nothing new; my readers got the inside information as it unfolded.  There was a story about the next overreach by the state Supreme Court, the school funding equity case.  This issue has been around for decades and has previously been deemed to be outside of the purview of the Judiciary, but not with this court.  They ordered the case to be considered by the Commonwealth Court and today’s story reported that oral arguments will be heard on March 7th.  The case is eerily similar to the redistricting case in that someone is claiming that the action of the legislature is not “fair.”  They can’t argue that the process was illegal or beyond the scope of legislative authority, just not fair.  Sounds like the arguments from the plaintiffs in the redistricting case.


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