Senator Eichelberger’s Reaction to Governor’s 2018-19 Budget Address

Article posted on February 6, 2018

HARRISBURG (February 6, 2018) – Senator John H. Eichelberger, Jr, (R-Blair) issued the following comments following the governor’s 2018-19 budget address:

“This budget started on better financial footing than the past few because of the work of the Republican legislature, which has held down spending and stopped tax increases, and because of an improved national economy, thanks to President Trump and the Republican Congress.

“The governor, again, proposed taxes and fees that would hurt Pennsylvanians, particularly those in western Pennsylvania. In particular, his $25 per person fee for State Police protection would be a tremendous burden on small municipalities.

“Throwing more money into the bloated bureaucracy of public education and the state-owned universities without concern for their performance is unacceptable. As Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, I hear from students, parents, and teachers daily who are stuck in failing schools with no hope of improvement, regardless of the amount of additional funding provided.

“Cuts to agriculture and veterans benefits are also in this proposal. With about a $1 billion total spending increase, this budget cuts programs important to many Pennsylvanians, including cuts to veterans and agriculture programs. It placates to special interests and raises taxes and fees that will take even more money from families and job creators.

“Now, it’s the legislature’s obligation to turn around the governor’s liberal agenda, and I’m anxious to get started.”


Please contact Patrick Schurr, Executive Assistant, at 1-866-509-EICH(3424) or email for additional information.


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