Repeated elsewhere in the Commonwealth

Article posted on February 8, 2018

We haven’t had a lot of information provided about what is happening in the House with the redistricting map.  The House hasn’t been back in session since Tuesday evening and we are not going back tomorrow as was discussed earlier in the week.  The work is ongoing and the Senate may go back in Monday, if things come together and the Governor is cooperative.  The majority opinion from the state Supreme Court, which should have been issued with their decision on January 22nd, finally came out last night.  It appears that the court set up a process for the legislature that was impossible to meet.  This afternoon, I got to a program in Carlisle on workforce development that starts in the high schools and vo-techs, and continues into community college.  Today’s presentation focused on heavy equipment operation and repair.  Hopefully, this model can be repeated elsewhere in the Commonwealth.


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