Oakley will be very excited

Article posted on February 17, 2018

I was out all day talking with people, and practically everyone asked about the map situation.  It was interesting to me how much the public is following this issue, of particular interest were the people from Franklin County I was with this morning who have been following the proposed changes.  This afternoon I stopped by the Central Blair Recreation Commission’s 8th Annual Community Classic.  I get to that every year, but this year we had another dinner and couldn’t stay past the reception.  They honored my friend, Dr. Zane Gates, as their Respected Citizen Award recipient.  Few people have worked as hard as Zane to help people in our area.  Charlotte and I drove through the snow to McConnellsburg for the Lion’s Club’s 10th Annual Auction Banquet.  The proceeds benefit the park.  The barbecued chicken and ribs were great, and I won the bid on a bird hunt; it was a good night, and Oakley will be very excited.


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