Maybe I’ll need ice skates to get there

Article posted on February 7, 2018

I found out late today that the House went home last night, but they did move the mapping bill through the State Government Committee before leaving town.  The rules are different in that chamber and I’m not sure how they might get the mapping bill done and back to the Senate by Friday.  It might be that they don’t have agreement on a proposed map and won’t get it back; we’ll know tomorrow.  I was around Blair and Bedford counties today despite the weather.  My 4-wheel drive truck is especially nice on days like today.  I’ve heard from people about their fear of road conditions tomorrow after the snow/sleet/rain came down as temperatures warmed then turned colder as night fell.  I’ll be at the Blair Chamber Breakfast in the morning for a program on my Limited Constitutional Convention legislation presented by Rep. Frank Ryan, not me.  Maybe I’ll need ice skates to get there.


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