Making the effort to be there

Article posted on February 13, 2018

The Governor, this afternoon, rejected the redistricting map presented by the legislative leaders.  He did so for his own political purposes saying that it was still too Republican.  The state Supreme Court said they are receiving suggested maps from people involved with the case, meaning the left-leaning Fair Districts PA and League of Women Voters.  I can’t believe they are taking suggestions from anyone, let alone the plaintiffs in the case.  They said they would have a map by Monday, but I wouldn’t doubt they had one all along.  My last town hall of this early cycle was held tonight in Claysburg.  We had a small, but talkative group; a number of the Indivisible folks were in attendance.  We covered a lot of topics, including: the budget, the map situation, changing the process for drawing maps, drilling on state land, the Limited Constitutional Convention, global warming, school funding, and PSSA testing.  I appreciated people making the effort to be there.


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