I’m angry too

Article posted on February 6, 2018

I was disappointed with the Governor’s Budget Address today.  He repeated a couple of the Democrat’s standard lies, including the old cut in education spending line, and took a shot or two at the legislature for not having the “political will” to follow his liberal agenda.  I thought it would be a much tamer speech, but at least it was short, someone said 19 minutes.  His proposal will need quite a bit of work.  He wants to increase spending by over $1 billion, double tax the gas industry, and charge a $25 fee to every man, woman, and child who doesn’t have a local police department.  He’s throwing more money at K-12 government schools with no accountability for their performance and a substantial increase for the failing state-owned university system.  But, not every budget line will see an increase: agriculture is cut, veteran’s benefits are cut, various health expenditures including poison control centers are cut.  It’s no wonder people watching this process become angry about how their tax dollars are spent; I’m angry too.


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