Confusion for everyone involved

Article posted on February 19, 2018

The Congressional redistricting map was issued this afternoon from the state Supreme Court.  The map has more municipal and precinct splits than the Republican map with one less county split.  The people who determine how a district leans (Republican or Democrat) say the state currently has 4 solid Democrat districts and goes to 5, with 2 more leaning Democrat and 2 more in play.  The partisan nature of the court without regard for the split requirements they, themselves, established, is stunning.  There has been no official response from legislative leadership, but they told the press that a challenge would most likely be filed.  I’m not sure of a hard date, but if this issue isn’t settled soon, the May 15th Primary Election will have to be delayed.  This was another reason why one of the Democrat Justices voted with the Republicans, in the 4-3 decision.  The timing of this entire situation has created confusion for everyone involved, including the voters.


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