Another day of budget hearings

Article posted on February 22, 2018

Top brass from the Pennsylvania State Police testify Thursday afternoon during Budget Hearings with the Senate Appropriations Committee.

On the map, the legislature, along with 8 Congressman, filed a challenge today in the federal court.  There has not been any news on the stay petition filed yesterday.  We had another day of Budget hearings.  Today’s agenda included the State System of Higher Education, the State Police, PEMA and the Fire Commissioner.  The toughest questions were asked of the PASSHE Chancellor.  The collective bargaining agreement they have makes it nearly impossible to manage the system and the raises that were given make their budget worse than it already was, which is unsustainable.  If things don’t change, this system won’t be around much longer.  The schools could be there independently or under some other umbrella, but the current structure is not able to adapt to current market trends and is running out of money.


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