A very interesting question

Article posted on February 25, 2018

We finished out the last day of the Jaffa Sports Show.  I never heard any official attendance numbers, but my guess is average or a little better than average for the weekend.  The number one issue today was gun control/school safety followed closely by the redistricting map.  Most of the people did not support any change to existing gun control laws, but a few were interested in the mental health record of the purchaser.  I had one person argue with me about the “assault” weapon used at the school in Florida.  She described it as an automatic weapon.  I told her it was a semi-automatic weapon and explained the difference.  She told me I was wrong and asked if the NRA gives me money.  I quickly realized that having a dialogue with this person who doesn’t understand the basic facts would be a waste of time.  This, fortunately, was the only hostile person I encountered all weekend.  I also talked with folks about fish license fees, hunting license fees, boat regulations, and other topics including a very interesting question from a family member of someone who was brutally murdered.  They asked if there would be notification given to the relatives of the victim when the inmate died in prison after serving a life sentence.  I didn’t know the answer, but will get back to this gentlemen.


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