A legal reason to justify their decision

Article posted on February 5, 2018

The decision was rendered from the U.S. Supreme Court on the legislature’s petition for a stay, it was denied.  This was a bit of a long shot, but fighting to protect the rule of law is important.  The deadline the state court put on the legislature to have a map drawn is Friday.  We don’t know if that can or will happen and if it does, if the Governor will sign or veto the bill.  He has made comments over the past week about not signing a bill that was not “fair.”  The bill is in the House and must start through their process tomorrow to get it back to the Senate by Friday for a concurrence vote.  Unless everything comes together this week and the Governor cooperates, the state Supreme Court said they will draw the map themselves.  Rumors today at the capitol were that the court would issue their Majority Opinion by this afternoon; last I checked, that didn’t happen.  The opinion would tell the legislature why the current map is “unconstitutional,” in other words, tell the legislature what they want in a new map.  They have apparently struggled to come up with a legal reason to justify their decision.


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