Wouldn’t be surprised if more names surfaced

Article posted on January 2, 2018

Joe Scarnati was re-elected to another term as Pro-Tem today and took the oath of office from Chief Justice Saylor.  We had our Education Committee meeting this afternoon.  We asked the Education Department to ask for an extension to file their ESSA resubmission to the Feds, and will wait to see if they are willing to do that.  In the event they don’t, we approved a number of comments to send with the resubmission.  Essentially, we are looking for more detail so there is more accountability in the system.  There were two more resignations from sexual harassment allegations in the past few days.  The state’s Fire Commissioner, Tim Solobay, resigned on Friday.  He was a former Democrat Senator who was accused by one his staffers of touching her and saying inappropriate things while he was in the Senate.  The other resignation happened today, Senate Security Chief Justin Ferrante.  He was accused of various suggestive comments by two of his staff.  Apparently the media is still getting information about members, legislative staff, and other state officials, and looking into what happened.  I wouldn’t be surprised if more names surfaced.


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