Waiting for the remainder to speak up

Article posted on December 26, 2017

The Senate offices were closed today in observance of Christmas.  I got some hunting in this afternoon with Johnny.  It was cold, but we dressed for it and had a great time.  Oakley did well, maybe the best he’s done to date.  He listened and worked the field diligently.  There wasn’t much in the way of news today other than the snow storm in Erie.  Many of the papers are entering their usual year end critique of government, including state government.  But they are the subject of criticism in an op-ed piece in today’s Penn Live for their lack of outrage concerning the use of public resources to collect political money by public sector unions.  It was well written and quoted one of their own reporters explaining the issue in very basic terms, as if saying: why doesn’t everyone understand this?  Of course the explanation was part of a story concerning a legislator’s improper use of public resources for political activity some time ago.  Seems the press picks and chooses who they want to criticize, which is interesting from an industry that portrays themselves as impartial arbiters of what’s fair and just in today’s world.  This practice is wrong, period.  It is wrong for everyone who works in government.  Kudos to the Tribune-Review for their editorial on this subject; we’re waiting for the remainder of the state’s papers to speak up.


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