Up for a vote this coming week

Article posted on December 9, 2017

We posted on my website and Facebook page the editorial about Paycheck Protection from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review this week (click here to read).  They came at the issue a little differently writing about the circle of life between the public sector unions and elected officials they contribute to with their largess.  They give big bucks to certain politicians in exchange for being protected, one group feeds the other, which is true.  I have always primarily made the legal argument that public resources should not be used for political purposes and that in my world, people go to jail for this kind of thing.  Others make the fundamental argument about having money taken from employees’ paychecks and used for political agendas they don’t want to support, hence the moniker, “Paycheck Protection.”  Anyway you look at it, this practice needs to stop, so says 58% of Union households and over 70% of the general public.  I hope the House puts it up for a vote this coming week.


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