The deadline is the deadline

Article posted on December 28, 2017

I got my last run in for this week this morning and it was colder than last night, 5 with a “feels like” of -2; should have run longer last night.  I spent a large part of the day working with my Education Committee staff getting ready for a committee meeting scheduled for next Tuesday.  Although the General Assembly is in session on the first Tuesday of the year, the schedule is largely ceremonial and no votes are taken.  Consequently, many members don’t make the trip to the Capitol.  But, the Committee is in the unusual situation of being required to review and offer comments on the education plan the PA Dept. of Ed is submitting to the federal DOE.  We only have 15 days to do our work, and the way things fell on the calendar, we need to submit comments by next week.  My staff has been going through the state and federal paperwork for days.  Regardless of Christmas and New Year’s, the deadline is the deadline.


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