Simple, straightforward legislation

Article posted on December 5, 2017

We had a great kick off to the Constitutional Convention Workshops this morning in Fayette County.  Senator Pat Stefano, who is a co-sponsor, hosted the event with me and we had about 40 to 50 people in attendance, including 2 newspaper reporters.  After the presentation we fielded lots of questions, which ran us a little long, but demonstrated the interest from this group.  Tomorrow I’ll be at Pitt University for the program and hope to have a good turnout there.  The House is hanging tough on SB 3, the abortion bill, which updates the number of weeks a baby is considered to be viable, and stops the horrendous practice of tearing live babies apart in the womb as an acceptable abortion method.  The bill is through Committee and moving to the floor.  And the House spent a lot of time this afternoon fighting off amendments to my Paycheck Protection bill that were intended to weaken or destroy its purpose.  Some of the comments I’ve heard from the bill’s opponents are what I’ve come to expect from the public sector unions: distortions of the truth, outright lies, and arguments about issues that aren’t related to this topic in an effort to confuse people.  If you hear someone trying to explain this unethical behavior away with these tactics, just remember that this is a simple bill that does one thing: stops public sector unions from collecting their Political Action Committee money through a government payroll system.  It does not interfere with their work as a union, and it does not stop them from collecting this money from their members using another method.  These unions are showing their true colors when they misrepresent this simple, straightforward legislation.


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