Our 3rd Constitutional Convention Workshop

Article posted on December 13, 2017

The House and Senate were both putting through a lot of bills again today.  The House finished later last night and came in at 8:30 for an hour this morning.  We did our usual Wednesday schedule with meetings and hearings this morning and session at 11:00.  The bill that got the most attention today, HB 1915, provides funding for the Unemployment Compensation centers to complete their technology upgrades and maintain adequate staff levels.  This legislation is the result of the shut down of several centers last December and the subsequent look at the mismanagement of the system.  The bill lays out a $115 million appropriation over four years with performance benchmarks that must be achieved throughout the timeline.  This situation is now in the limelight and will have legislative oversight.  I’m looking forward to seeing lots of folks tomorrow at Penn State Altoona for our 3rd Constitutional Convention Workshop.  The event is at 11:00 in the Misciagna Family Center, Rooms 101-103.


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