Other names were forthcoming

Article posted on December 20, 2017

As I mentioned when I posted the story about Senator Daylin Leach’s sexual misconduct claims, rumors had it that House members were being looked at, as well.  The Philly Inquirer published a story yesterday about a $248,000 payout of taxpayer money to settle allegations against Rep. Tom Caltagirone, the former Democrat Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.  He had a sexual misconduct issue years ago that was the subject of a grand jury investigation, but no charges were filed.  This time, the House paid for the silence of the victim and her legal costs.  Another Democrat, former Rep. Jewell Williams, who is now the Sheriff of Philadelphia, was involved in a sexual misconduct allegation that also was settled with taxpayer funds.  There were two additional settlements by the House Democrat caucus that brought the grand total to about $600,000 paid out.  The other names were not part of the reports, so far.  The House Republican Caucus says that it has not used taxpayer funds for this purpose.  There was no indication from the Inquirer as to whether or not other names were forthcoming.


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