More names will come forward

Article posted on December 18, 2017

A story I didn’t get to yesterday was about PA Senator Daylin Leach being accused of sexual misconduct.  Rumors swirled through the capitol for the last week or two about the Philadelphia Inquirer looking into allegations of sexual misconduct concerning state legislators.  The first story broke on Sunday about Senator Leach being accused of inappropriately touching young women and making sexually suggestive comments.  Eight women and three men came forward to explain either what happened to them, or what they witnessed happen to others, including interns and staffers.  Leach is regarded as the most liberal member of the Senate and represents Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.  He also is running for the Democratic nomination for Congress in his area.  Governor Wolf called for him to resign from the Senate and a number of others asked for him to suspend his campaign for Congress.  As of this afternoon, he issued a statement saying that he was “pausing” to spend time with his family and cooperate with Senate leadership as they look into the allegations.  The rumors say that more names will come forward, including some in the House.


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