Justify an argument against it

Article posted on December 4, 2017

I met with a prayer group in Tyrone this morning at 7:00.  I have early mornings all week, but fortunately, I only have three evening meetings.  The House is in session this week and is working on two important bills.  One would update the number of weeks an abortion would be allowed.  This would put PA in sync with the findings of modern science and match new national norms.  The other bill is my Paycheck Protection legislation.  The House amended this bill in committee to narrow the focus to just PAC money contributions.  This allows all of the other political activity done by the public sector unions to be funded through payroll deduction, which is still clearly wrong.  But, as is often the case with legislation, passing the version we have before us will clean up a significant portion of this corrupt practice and should be supported.  I appreciate the members who are working to get it through.  I haven’t heard the Governor comment on this version of the bill; it’s tough to justify an argument against it.


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