Hopefully, these reports are the extent

Article posted on December 24, 2017

Several stories on sexual harassment/misconduct claims were in the Sunday papers.  The House Republicans and the entire Senate, in response to Right to Know requests from the media, showed that they had no settlements using taxpayer funds for as far back as at least the past 10 years.  More settlements were discovered other places in state government, however, including covering the misconduct of judges and executive branch employees.  A story broke today about, by far, the largest pay out, $8 million since 2001, to settle sexual harassment/misconduct claims against State Troopers.  I only saw a brief blurb on this, but suspect it will gain a lot of attention in the days to come.  It’s unfortunate that this issue has gotten these headlines on Christmas Eve.  Hopefully, these reports are the extent of the cases, and we can go about fixing the system to prevent taxpayer money from being used this way again.


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