Governor Wolf’s radical agenda

Article posted on December 11, 2017

The House and Senate are both in session today.  We finished a number of bills on the floor including a concurrence vote on the CHIP program, which was amended in the House to remove the language that prohibited taxpayer-funded sex change operations on kids.  This program is scheduled to expire and reauthorization is critical for thousands of children who need healthcare.  The Governor unilaterally started using these funds for the sex change operations, and the hormone therapy and counseling that leads up to them.  We were hopeful that the General Assembly could change the program back to how it has always operated, without the additional cost of these dangerous procedures for the children of this state.  But most of the Senate felt it was too late to continue the fight for the program as it was originally intended.  We lost that battle as a two year extension was passed for Governor Wolf’s radical agenda, 42-7.


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