Governor Wolf didn’t learn

Article posted on December 12, 2017

There were a lot of bills on the calendars of the House and Senate today, with the House working late into the evening.  The other chamber was the one everyone watched as they worked through SB 3, the bill that would prohibit an elective abortion after 20 weeks and 6 days (changed from 24 weeks), and prohibit tearing apart a live baby in the womb to kill it.  This bill passed 121-70.  The House also ran my Paycheck Protection bill this evening, and defeated it 90-102 with 26 Republicans voting with all of the Democrats.  There was a Reconsideration motion filed after the vote to keep the bill eligible for another floor opportunity before the end of session.  This bill was weakened in the House by stripping out the prohibition on the collection of the portion of dues that is used for political activity, leaving just the prohibition of collecting PAC money.  Governor Wolf said that he would veto both bills if they came to his desk.  Sadly, with all of the time the Governor has spent at abortion clinics, he didn’t learn about the age the baby is deemed to be viable — now 20 weeks, 6 days.  And with all of the news about Bonusgate and other scandals in this building, he didn’t learn that using official government resources for political purposes is wrong.


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