Back for a few days

Article posted on December 22, 2017

At the time I’m writing this, there were no new sexual misconduct allegations today.  The Governor said he doesn’t want the insurance fund where the House Democrat Caucus settlements came out of to pay for settlements or legal fees associated with these cases again.  The payment happened at the beginning of his term, but started through the process during the end of the Corbett administration.  Both Governors said they had no knowledge of the settlement and taxpayer funds being used.  I got some work done today, but a lot of offices were closed, so it was difficult to finish anything.  I was able to take care of a few personal errands myself, including getting a bed cover for the truck.  There are a lot of choices for bed covers, I hope this one works out for my needs.  It looks pretty sharp!  I stopped by a STEM Club demonstration this evening in Altoona at Catalyst Space; the kids did a great job with their experiments and the place was packed.  I then got to the retirement party/ceremony for Duncansville Police Chief Jim Ott, who will be Blair County’s new Sheriff.  He also had a lot of friends and supporters thanking him for his 19 years of service, 18 as Chief.  Johnny is supposed to get home around 2:00 AM tonight.  I’ll either be up or have fallen asleep on the sofa waiting.  It will be good to have him back for a few days.


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