The new salary for the rank and file legislators

Article posted on November 29, 2017

Another unseasonably warm day, which was great for most of us, not too great for the deer hunters.  Over the past week there have been news stories about the annual cost of living increase for state officials in all three branches of government.  The law, passed many years ago, provides that these salaries are adjusted at the start of the new payroll year (Dec. 1, for the legislature, Jan. 1, for the executive and judicial officials).  The adjustment is based on a federal inflation index and amounted to a 0.8% increase for this coming year.  Every official’s paycheck is increased and there is no way to turn down the additional salary, so, as I have done for 10 years, I will write a check each month to the Commonwealth for my cumulative increase.  The new salary for the rank and file legislators is just under $87,200.


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