Suffer any consequences for these actions

Article posted on November 12, 2017

There were a couple of stories in the papers this week about school districts not following directions.  One, New Kensington-Arnold, involved yearly pay increases for the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent without language in the their contracts to receive raises and without performance reviews.  The raises were violations of the state school code and school district policy.  The Auditor General uncovered this situation during an audit that was released on Wednesday.  Interestingly, the school board president and the superintendent are brothers.  The Scranton School District is under financial watch and their recent audit by the Auditor General disclosed reckless spending and decision making practices.  Their business manager is retiring in December.  The superintendent has a plan to restructure several positions, including the business manager position, and promote the assistant business manager in the process.  Her plan has not been approved by the school board; furthermore, according to the president of the school board, she was told at their last meeting to advertise through the statewide school websites for candidates to fill the vacant business manager’s position.  The Auditor General is not happy with this move to shut down looking at anyone else for the job.  The president of the school board isn’t happy either.  Unfortunately, these are just two of many examples of the lack of accountability in the government schools today.  I doubt if anyone will suffer any consequences for these actions.


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