One that fits your circumstances

Article posted on November 30, 2017

The weather app on my phone isn’t always very accurate.  I looked at it this morning and it said that we’d be getting rain at about 6:00 tonight, the same time the Altoona Christmas Parade starts.  I was leaving the Tyrone Chamber’s Soup Sampling event at 5:15 and thought, great, no rain.  By the time I hit the interstate, it started to sprinkle and the rain got more steady by parade time.  It never rained hard and the large crowd stayed till the very end.  There were 104 units in the parade, I’m told the largest in recent history.  Thanks to everyone who put it together, job well done.  The Acting Insurance Commissioner was in Altoona this afternoon to talk about the enrollment period for Obamacare; it ends on December 15th this year, instead of the end of January like previous years.  If you are interested in purchasing a policy, this is your window and there are two websites in PA designed to help.  If anyone is interested, please contact my office and we’ll direct you to the one that fits your circumstances.


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