Meet new people and see old friends

Article posted on November 16, 2017

I was the speaker at the Blair Chamber Breakfast this morning.  They had a good crowd and good questions for me.  We finished up their questions and fielded some from the audience with the time remaining.  I appreciate the opportunity each Fall to speak to this gathering.  I had lunch with my 4 year old friend, Branson, this afternoon at Begin With Us Childcare’s Thanksgiving Dinner.  It’s always fun to be with the kids and parents at this special meal.  This evening I was at the Shirley Twp. Municipal Building for a town hall.  About 20 people turned out for an hour-long discussion on the PA constitutional convention, the budget, various pre-emption issues, gun control, vo-tech education, and other subjects.  It was good to meet a few new people and see some old friends.


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