Bring detailed clarity to this issue

Article posted on November 15, 2017

The hearing this morning on the state-owned universities confirmed what we knew from reports and previous discussions: the system, as it currently operates, cannot sustain itself.  The union contract in place provides generous salaries and benefits to the teaching staff and others, which is a burden on the universities financially.  In addition, the restrictions in the CBA prevent the system from adapting to changing circumstances, making progress nearly impossible in many situations.  The union and the administration both say the answer, as always, is more money.  The university presidents, at least a group of them, would like the ability to manage more independently and get out from under the costs of the failing schools being charged to the more profitable schools.  The Legislative Budget and Finance Committee is doing a study of this system for the legislature that will be done in January.  I hope to see some unvarnished factual information in that report that will bring detailed clarity to this issue.


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