You never know for sure

Article posted on October 18, 2017

Last night the House approved, by just the required 102 votes, a tax code that included a larger borrowing amount using the Tobacco Settlement funds to pay for it over a 30 year period, legalizing fireworks and taxing them, and relying on a yet-to-be-determined gaming expansion to generate enough revenue to pay for the $32 billion General Appropriations bill.  At the time I’m writing this, I haven’t heard what all the House passed today, but they were moving through several bills.  The Senate met today and briefly discussed the tax code and speculated on what the House would do this afternoon.  We are scheduled to go back into session on Monday and if the House is following through on the bills they have, we will have work to do in the Senate, provided we have the votes.  Leadership, and their staff, will be going over what the House passed in detail, then reporting to us on Monday.  I suspect that the votes will be there, but you never know for sure.


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