Move forward with a deal

Article posted on October 2, 2017

The budget proposal hit a bumpy road today at caucus meetings in the House and Senate.  The proposal includes instituting a sales tax on commercial storage transactions, which wasn’t well received by a number of members.  I don’t know what the whip count would be in either chamber, but there are members who would not vote for this tax for various reasons.  PA doesn’t charge sales tax on these transactions and some of our neighboring states do.  This has made us more competitive and brought thousands of jobs and millions of square feet of warehouses to our tax base.  The I-81 corridor I represent in Franklin and Cumberland Counties has flourished with these facilities mixed with manufacturing and transportation related businesses.  There’s an effort to find the same amount in cuts or another less impactful tax, but that’s not easy.  There appears to be agreement on much of the other moving parts, but, at this point, they all have to come together to move forward with a deal.


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