Information will surface about his decisions

Article posted on October 5, 2017

I was with a number of other Senators and House members today as I travelled to various events in and out of the 30th District.  The discussion everywhere was about the budget.  People were inquisitive, asking questions mostly about the flow of money to social service agencies and local governments.  After the experience two budgets ago, when payments were not made, many are concerned.  But this year is different; since the General Appropriations bill was passed in June, that funding is authorized and is being paid.  There was discussion today about the Governor’s decision to use most of the PLCB’s profit to secure a $1.2 billion bond, which will be paid for over the next 20 years.  There is a question whether the PLCB can authorize such a deal and questions linger about the ability of the legislature to continue any privatization efforts over the term of the financing.  With two borrowing plans already offered in the budget proposals using tobacco settlement money (which is not part of the General Fund), people wonder why he would choose an option that takes away revenue for the next 20 years.  More information will surface about his decisions over the coming days.


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