Learn more about his plans

Article posted on October 4, 2017

Shortly after I wrote last night’s blog, the House, which was expected to pass the Tax Code with the hotel tax, broke for the evening.  After caucusing this morning, word was out that they were not going to pass it.  We continued with session and caucus as usual today, but couldn’t do anything beyond that without a deal.  The Governor met with leadership then had a newser to announce his plans to handle the budget without varIous Code and other related bills.  One piece of his plan is borrowing against the proceeds of the PLCB.  He will take out a bond for $1.25 billion and pay for it with PLCB profit that otherwise comes to the General Fund.  This will greatly diminish the ability of the legislature to further privatize the operations of the PLCB.  We’ll learn more details about his plans as they unfold.


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