Appreciate their input

Article posted on October 8, 2017

There wasn’t anything new in the papers today about state government.  There were various editorials on this subject, generally rehashing what was done last week.  Since tomorrow is Columbus Day, we will not be in session, in fact, the Senate offices will be closed.  There is still work being done on the budget through the leadership offices, but as of now, nothing to report.  I attended the Central City Church service this morning in Altoona.  They invited me to be there later in the month, but I have a commitment that morning, so I came today.  It was good to see some friends and hear the message from Jim Kilmartin.  The state board of the Fraternal Clubs Organization was in Altoona for their Fall meeting and I was asked to address the board. Their main concerns are the budget, gaming, and liquor issues.  I’ve met with them on many occasions over the years and always appreciate their input.


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