We can do better for our kids

Article posted on August 15, 2017

I had more office appointments today and made it to the Blair County Jr. Livestock Auction where I bought another pig.  They had their usual big crowd and the kids did a good job raising the animals for market.  I saw a story today on the Education Savings Account, or ESA, bill sponsored by Senator DiSanto.  It pointed out how many students were in the worst performing schools in the state as defined by their standardized test scores: 220,000.  This bill would give these students the opportunity to get out of a failing government school and into a private school of their choice.  These kids not only are robbed of a good K-12 education, many can’t make it in college.  As I was told this week from someone who talked to a girl from Claysburg-Kimmel who failed out of college, she said that not only was she too far behind in her lack of knowledge to keep up with other students, she said that she never learned how to study and didn’t have much of a chance to catch up.  We can do better for our kids.


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