The meetings are never dull!

Article posted on August 18, 2017

The newest member of the Maple Kroft Farms family, just 15 minutes old, with her proud mother.

Spent the morning and early afternoon on a Blair County Farm Bureau meeting and tour.  We were at Maple Kroft Farms in Sinking Valley, which was the site of one of our AB Ross Leadership Programs this year.  The Detwiler family was a gracious host.  Although it rained during our tour, we got to see a lot, including a newborn calf, just 15 minutes old.  The farmers are concerned about the taxes and regulations that affect their industry, just like other business owners.  Being large land owners, they find themselves dealing with more than just agricultural issues, they have a lot to say about hunting laws, gas and oil drilling, property re-assessment, and environmental policies.  On a federal basis, they’re concerned about immigration laws that affect their workforce and the balance of trade that affects their marketplace.  As you can imagine, the meetings are never dull!


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