I’m suspicious

Article posted on August 14, 2017

The Governor invited me to his announcement on an education issue today, but I had another commitment at that time.  He announced changes to the PSSA standardized tests, which would shorten the preparation time by about 20%.  This may or may not be a good idea and I’m waiting for details to see how it will be done.  Some sections of the test are to be eliminated and some cut back.  These tests provide comparative data that helps determine what districts, school buildings and teachers are doing a good or bad job.  The position of this administration pertaining to education policy is for less accountability in a system that has almost no accountability to start with.  If these changes diminish the information available to families to see how their child’s experience will be in school, these changes should not occur.  If the tests can continue to provide adequate data in a more efficient manner, great.  But, with this administration’s track record, I’m suspicious.


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