They totaled about a million dollars

Article posted on May 21, 2017

Another cool day that doesn’t require air conditioning and nothing new about the Commonwealth from newspapers around the state.  Last week there were a number of stories about how the Democratic National Convention’s host committee gave bonuses to their staff after the convention was over.  The problem with handing out excess money to staff is that it doesn’t jibe with their nonprofit corporation paperwork that says that any excess funds would go to charity.  This is an issue the IRS might be looking into.  In Harrisburg, the state is concerned about this because they received a $10 million government grant.  There was a call last week to have them refund any excess money to the state treasury.  The Auditor General announced that he will be doing an audit of their books since state funds were involved.  The chair of the host committee was former Governor Ed Rendell, and the Philly Inquirer’s story today had one person saying he made the decision about at least some of the bonuses himself, another person said he was one of a group of three that made the decisions.  41 people received bonuses with the highest being $310,000.  They totaled about a million dollars.


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