That’s also part of the training

Article posted on May 18, 2017

I had a town hall in Martinsburg this evening and it went pretty well.  There was a large group of local residents joined by Planned Parenthood advocates and PSEA members.  Since we changed the format several meetings ago to take questions from index cards, everyone has a chance to ask a question.  One of the things you learn from dealing with groups like Planned Parenthood is that they have talking points and their supporters stick to them.  They don’t understand the issue they are there to ask about or much else related to the subject; their job is to repeat the talking points, period.  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to have a conversation with them because they don’t listen to anything someone with a different opinion has to say.  Tonight, it was clear that they did not understand SB 300, what services PP provides, or even how many clinics PP operates.  But when you don’t know what to say, be rude and disruptive; that’s also part of the training.


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