Prevent situations like she and her sister went through with their father

Article posted on May 10, 2017

It’s been a busy week in Harrisburg.  I didn’t mention last evening that I had a bill pass through the Judiciary Committee yesterday.  SB 113 would change the law regarding how guardians operate in PA.  They currently have the ability to exclude people from access to their ward.  If the excluded individual wants access, he or she must seek relief in court.  My bill would guarantee access to immediate relatives, and if the guardian wants to exclude them, the guardian would have to go to court to show cause.  It further provides that notification is given to immediate relatives for various changes in conditions of the ward, including moving, hospitalization, and death.  Although many people have been through situations where their contact with a relative has been unreasonably restricted by someone who doesn’t like them for an unrelated reason, this bill came to my attention through Catherine Falk, daughter of Peter Falk, the actor who portrayed one of television’s favorite police detectives, Lt. Columbo.  She has a national organization to prevent situations like she and her sister went through with their father.


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