More about the agenda than the truth

Article posted on May 11, 2017

I attended the State Board of Education meeting this morning.  We had a longer than usual meeting, which included a lengthy report on the work being done for the state’s submission on the Every Student Succeeds Act due later this year.  I thought most of the changes proposed were good.  There is a constitutional question concerning the Department’s ability to unilaterally submit this report to the federal government without legislative approval, so I have a bill that would require that approval.  PA has fairly unique constitutional language that puts the responsibility for the system of public education with the General Assembly.  Most states vest it with a board or executive branch department.  I left Harrisburg for a 300 mile trip to Erie, where we have a hearing on that school district’s financial problems scheduled for tomorrow.  We’ll tour two schools in the morning, then start the hearing.  Saw a Philly Inquirer story today repeating false information about Planned Parenthood, again.  They said they have 31 clinics available for the women’s health services included in my bill; they have 25.  Even after we spoon feed this information to the press, they get it wrong.  Maybe it’s more about the agenda than it is the truth.


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